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Jogging/Walking Track

Open Track Times

This is a multi-use facility so please be watchful of times where there are other events going on turf and ice rink.

Monday – Friday:
TURF SIDE- 9:00AM-5:00PM 

RINK SIDE- 9:00AM-7:00PM
Saturday & Sunday:  9:00AM-1:30PM  Closed for Summer on Weekends

The Mac has two track options for indoor walking and jogging.  The track around the Olympic size ice rink is one/eighth of a mile and the two lane track around the field is one/tenth of a mile. Strollers, walkers and walking canes welcome.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Occasionally one or both tracks will be closed due to tournaments or paid gates on the ice or field.  Closures will be noted on the website schedule.

*please note – if the field is in use, balls may “wander” onto running track.  Track users must stay aware and use the red – outer – track.

$2.00 per visit, Punch card of 20 for $30.00